API and data integration can simplify your business processes. Often the two areas work together, making apps and websites easier to use for the business, its users, clients and suppliers.

Our team of engineers specialise in API and data integration, helping businesses to streamline and refine their websites and services.

 Integration can be broken down into two broad areas:

  • API Integration
    There’s a huge array of API services available on the web to incorporate functionality that will streamline and improve your business, apps and websites. Our experts will discuss your requirements with you and come up with a solution that fits the bill. 

  • Data Integration
    Use data integration to import, export and transform data between internal & external systems – in other words, a form of ETL.
    Data integration generally means dealing with large volumes of data streamed realtime or on a schedule, often with little or no user intervention.

Check out the examples below to find out how API and data integration can make your website more efficient.

Examples of API integration

  • You can use Facebook or Google+ to login into a different website or app.
    Benefits: this simplifies the registration and login process and can increase sign-up rates.

  • Pay for an order using PayPal, Sage, Amazon, Google, etc. 
  • Benefits: your clients use a known provider to handle and settle payments, increasing user acceptance. It also allows you to handle PCI compliance and payment gateways implementation.
  • Auto-post a blog article to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ & Pinterest.
    Benefits: you save time by not having to manually access each service and post the same content or links.

Benefits of Data integration

  • Pay a bill from your bank account to a supplier.
  • Trade data streamed to your web browser allowing trading or trend analysis.
  • Synchronise clients and suppliers between your accounting and CRM systems.
  • Automatically bring down all eCommerce transactions into your accounting software for reconciliation.


Contact us to find out how API and data integration help you get the most from your website.

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