API Development

Often businesses will build their own app or service API to offer existing users greater value or tap into new markets. This is the next step on from a web API and allows external users, clients and suppliers to incorporate direct application to application functionality into their systems.

If API development is the next step for your business, our experienced web engineers can provide the solution. We apply tried and tested techniques to create unique, functional apps and services that enhance your business.

Find about more about how APIs can benefit your business – see our API & Data Integration page.


Why Build Your Own API?

  • Empower your users
    • Developing your own API can allow your users to add features to their products that are not native to your service.
  • Build a community
    • Users can add additional features that may not be core to your business but are still of value to others.
  • Scaling market reach & development resources
    • Expanded capabilities from external developers, which allows you to tap into markets and geographies that you may not have the resources or expertise to get into.
  • Build partnerships
    • They make companies stronger and allow your partners to cross-sell.

At Sinebridge our experts usually implement a REST based API Data Layer for your apps and services. A data layer is a standard concept in software engineering that allows you to decouple the data management side of an app from the data display or User Interface (UI).

This method of working allows the backend to be defined independently and once. At this point, depending on who the target market is, the various UIs can then be developed to access the backend data in a consistent and structured way.

Use our diagram below to see how this works.

Integrated REST API Services

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